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Night Sourcing Specialist

KRPO’s Night Sourcing Specialist will be your recruiting companion round the clock. By scouring and sourcing jobs every single hour, we keep your workforce ahead of the competitive curve. The Night Sourcing expert will be responsible for processing job orders during the US night shift. Every resume sourced and processed will be forwarded to you for your approval.

  • A Dedicated Night Sourcing Specialist for every account
  • Experience of 3.5 years and more
  • Work shifts as per US timings
  • At least three jobs Requirements executed every day
  • Profile sourcing from topnotch job boards including Dice, Career Builder, Monster, Net-Temps, Ladders, Job Circle, Indeed, Google, Internal Database-30 Lakhs Resumes etc.
  • At least 40 resumes per day depending on order line ups
  • At least 200 resumes per day depending on order line ups

Looking for an extremely successful night sourcing site to help you find candidates that are qualified for your job offers? We are exactly what you are looking for. Experienced and capable of finding candidates of high caliber, candidates that meet your exact requirements and candidates that are skilled, we have helped thousands of companies, firms and business become more productive and successful in their niche.

Our services are the most sought after services especially for employers and recruiters who do not have the time to search for the candidates themselves. We understand that the job market is very competitive and that the recruitment is a bit draining for you. Our dedicated night sourcing experts work during the night, to ensure that you get a detailed report of the most qualified candidates before you get to work in the morning.

Our sourcing strategies include; CV sourcing CV screening, CV resume processing, candidate screening, and more. Our ultimate goal is to be the best candidate sourcing site that will help you, the client, find prospective candidates to join your team of professionals. Our sourcing strategies depend on your recruitment requirements on parameters like candidates; level of experience, their age, their location and nationality.

Other sourcing strategies that we use to find the right candidates include but not limited to searching the social networks, personal websites, online business directories, Google search engines, online cover letters and more. In addition to these, through top night sourcing tools and clients’ databases, our sourcers can also send potential candidates emails with the contact details of their recruiters. As soon as the candidates reply to the email, their responses will be automatically redirected to your team of recruiters.

We are also have qualified sourcers responsible for doing executive searches for all our executive clients. Our sourcing experts ensure that they search for the right candidates by data sourcing and accessing multiple job boards online. Also, by using the right sourcing tools, our search is now faster, reliable making our search results the most trusted results ever.

Also through a carefully calculated night search program, our night sourcing experts will ensure that your internal recruiters get a report of candidates whose qualifications meet your requirements, first thing in the morning. We work night shifts to ensure that the report is ready for you and your recruitment team in the morning. As a result of this, your candidate recruitment process will be faster and effortless.

Let us help build a workforce that will be the organisation's strength and help it to scale new heights.

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